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Equipment Rentals

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Lighting Fixture Rentals

BP Productions carries a wide range of conventional, LED and automated lighting fixtures for any event application.

Automated Fixtures

  • Martin Mac Quantum LED Profile
  • Martin Mac 700 Wash
  • Martin Mac 700 Profile
  • Martin Mac Aura LED Wash
  • Martin Mac 101 LED
  • Robe MegaPointe
  • Robe Spiider Wash
  • Elation Platinum Beam 5r Extreme
  • Elation Platinum Spot III
  • Elation ACL 360 Bar

LED Fixtures

  • ETC Source Four Lustr2 LED Leko (19,26,36,50deg)
  • Chromaq Color Fource 72 LED Batten RGBA
  • Elation DTW 1000 Bar
  • Elation Arena Zoom Q7 IP
  • Elation Paladin Brick IP
  • Elation Protron Eclypse
  • Chauvet Well Fit Battery LED IP
  • Mega-Lite Color Cannon Pro LED RGB
  • Mega-Lite Baby Color RGBW
  • Mega-Lite T54 LED IP65 RGB
  • AAdyntech Jab Daylight LED
  • AAdyntech Punch Plus LED
  • 30w LED Flood
  • 50w LED Flood
  • 100w LED Flood

Follow Spots

  • Bright Box Flame Medium Throw Followspot
  • Strong Super Trooper 2K Long Throw Followspot
  • Lycian M2 1200w Medium through Followspot

Conventional Fixtures

  • ETC Source Four Conventional Leko (5,19,26,36,50deg)
  • ETC Source Four Par (Vnar, Nar,Med,Wide)
  • 1K,2K 8" Fresnel with Barn Doors
  • 500w 6" Fresnel with Barn Doors
  • Par 20
  • Par 38 (Black,Chrome)
  • Par 64
  • Pin Spot (White, Black)
  • TMB 4-Lite Blinder
  • TMB 2-Lite Blinder

We are constantly adding to our inventory thoughout the year. If there is something you are looking for that is not on this list please feel free to give us a call at (916) 652-8575!