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Equipment Rentals


Communication and Effects Rentals

BP Productions carries many different theatrical effect items as well as Clear Communication Products.


  • Haze Base Haze Pro Hazer
  • City Theatrical DF-50 Hazer
  • High End FQ-100 Fogger
  • Ultratech Dry Icer
  • Rosco Chiller Module
  • Martin Atomic 3000 Strobe
  • Wild Fire Black Lights
  • Market Light Strands
  • 4' Mirror Ball
  • 20" Mirror Ball

Clear Communication

  • Dual Channel Clear Com Mainstation
  • Clear Com Beltpack
  • Single Muff Headset
  • Double Muff Headset
  • 3-Pin XLR Cable
  • 3-Pin XLR Turn Arounds
  • 3 Way Splitter Box

We are constantly adding to our inventory thoughout the year. If there is something you are looking for that is not on this list please feel free to give us a call at (916) 652-8575!